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Seller Information

What do I need to know as a property seller?

The real estate market proves to be lucrative if one studies and capitalizes on its inefficiencies. As a property seller, it is important to recoup the invested capital in your home or salvage the maximum amount possible in a bear market environment. The easiest way to simplify the real estate sales process while having your needs fully represented is by utilizing Regency Title & Escrow's services. Our team of associates outsource with real estate agents to find the right buyers, maintain great relationships with various lenders, all while structuring transactions in a way that represent the needs of both the seller and buyer. Our agents and clientele continue to send sellers to Regency Title & Escrow because of our efficient professionalism that results in satisfaction for all. 

Property seller info continued...

The process of selling your home involves many fees that can be negotiated with the buyer. Some fees include: 

  • Real estate commission

  • Pre-closing documents

  • Post-closing documents

  • Real Estate Taxes 

  • Prepayment penalties 

  • Wood destroying insect inspections 

  • Homeowners warranty and unpaid dues

  • Any judgments, tax liens, or claims against the seller

  • Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller

  • Any and all delinquent taxes

  • Notary fees

  • Escrow fees 

  • Title insurance premium


It is important to note that first impressions have a lasting affect on potential buyers. To maximize perceived value, present your property in an attractive manner. 

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