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Buyer Information

What do I need to know as a property buyer?

For many consumers, a home represents their most important and most expensive asset. The process of buying that home can seem overwhelming, but here at Regency Title & Escrow we aim to simplify and protect your ownership. Obtaining title (ownership) and title insurance is a simple yet pivotal step in the purchase of property. With title insurance, your investment is protected from all discrepancies, some examples being, claims against ownership, other unrelated liens, and/or undisclosed heirs. In the event that title insurance is not required by the lender, the repercussions of not obtaining insurance can be severe. The consequences range from paying reparations for other interests in the property to the loss of the home as a whole. If the seller does not have free and clear ownership, then they can not legally or rightfully transfer full ownership to the buyer. At Regency Title & Escrow, we can ensure you and your lender from any deficiencies in title brought about by the seller or any previous sellers with the purchase of title insurance. Our title insurance will guarantee the enjoyment and unrestricted use of your home for many years to come! 

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